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I grew up in Southeast Missouri, home of the Throwed Rolls, high cotton, and the St. Louis Cardinals! I have two great children who I love dearly. Other than my children, my passion is writing. My current project is the Three Crowns Series. Sweet Tea is the first book in this seven-novel series, which was published October 15, 2013.

Besides reading and writing, I enjoy singing. I love music period! Music is in our family, be it bluegrass from the Ozarks that my Grandpa Sutton use to play on his banjo or fiddle, or the smooth, family harmony in which I am fortunate enough to sing with my dad and brother. But you can give me some kickin’ AC/DC too! I like it all!

I enjoy gardening and love being outside. I like to fish, as long as the fish are biting more than the mosquitoes! I love me a good football game (go Packers!) and hearing the crack of a bat (go Cardinals!)

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Sweet Tea (The Three Crowns series, Volume I)


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North (The Three Crowns, Volume II)


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Broken Boundaries (The Three Crowns, Volume III)


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Absolution (The Three Crowns, Volume IV)


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