Guest Post: Brandy Introduces The Shadow World


The idea of Racquel’s character, who is a hybrid, actually started from a dream I had.  In my dream, Racquel was an outcast not only among people like her, the Shadows, but also among the humans.  Why?  Because in the Shadow World, beings of each type are not supposed to fall in love with one another and have children.  But Racquel’s great-grandparents did, which led to one crazy, outcast bloodline.  Racquel is part vampire, shifter, witch, and lycan.  This shouldn’t have even been possible since each Shadow being is lethally toxic to the others, but with the help of a witch’s immunity spell, her family prevailed.

Racquel’s supporting characters weren’t really defined in the dream, so I decided that the characters I created would all be affected by the strict rules of the Shadow World, one way or another.

Ethan is a full blood lycan who hates Racquel, just like everyone else.  But as the series progresses, we see how the laws affect him and all lycan families.  Danika is a witch who is too dependent on the Covenant Elders.  She always feels the need to report to them and obey their every command.  Jared is a sarcastic vampire that tries to play it cool, but underneath that façade he can be rather serious.  Addie is Racquel’s half-sister.  She is a pure witch but she is very protective of Racquel, especially after they lose their parents and grandparents.  Coy is the only human in the series.  He’s a feeder (kept by vampires for fresh blood), whose brother was taken captive along with Racquel’s sister Addie. Coy will stop at nothing to find his brother, even if it means his own death.  Even though Coy is the only one without any sort of inhuman strength or power, he’s still determined to help.

As all the characters come together to fight a force that wants to gain control over all the Shadows and bring them out of hiding to reveal to the world, they begin to learn and understand one another.  And they realize that even if they can stop the all controlling villain, their fight isn’t over.  The laws of the Shadow World cause just as much pain as any over-bearing, centuries-old psycho, and Racquel becomes determined to change all that.

Brandy Nacole is the author of the Shadow World and Spiritual Discord series. Read more about her here on Horri-Fi, and check out her books on Amazon!