Birthday Gifts!

So, my birthday is coming up. Woo hoo, birthday!

For the past two years, I’ve released a book on my birthday, sort of a gift to myself. This year I’ve decided to give out copies of the books to those who want to read them. I’m tying this giveaway into my Twitter and Facebook accounts, so if you’re on Facebook, come friend me here, and if you’re on Twitter, let’s get together here. I’ll be posting a few things connected to my books on September 19 (my birthday, also Hermione Granger’s birthday, as well as International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so easy to remember!) so keep a lookout for them. A repost or retweet gets you a free e-book in your choice of format. That includes you and whatever friends also repost or retweet.

The books in question:


The Five WatchersStrangers on a ghost-hunting video shoot must learn to trust each other as they fight for survival in a secluded valley containing a very real and deadly spirit presence. More info can be found here.



Toccatas & Fugues: Stories So Far: Ten speculative fiction short stories including ghosts, robots, and many things in-between. Find out more here.