Toccatas & Fugues: Stories So Far

Toccatas & Fugues: Stories So Far is a collection of ten speculative fiction short stories. I don’t stick to one genre, so expect variety. There are ghosts, there are robots, and there are things in-between. Two of the short stories, “An Experiment with Sublimity” and “Miss Fitzhue” are also available separately, as digital singles. If you’re looking for a free appetizer, sink your teeth into my steampunk short story, “Lazenby’s Aethereolabe.”


Toccatas & Fugues: Stories So Far is a collection of ten Speculative Fiction short stories. From ghosts to robots and many things in-between, this collection includes horror, science fiction, fantasy, ghosts, steampunk, and apocalyptic fiction.

-A woman recently widowed receives an unexpected message while doing her “Sunday Puzzles.”

-Mark Twain was invited to have “A Lay-by at Cottonwood” in 1831. He shouldn’t have accepted.

“Lazenby’s Aethereolabe” is a bold experiment, but will it carry our hero to an unfortunate doom?

-“White Out” recounts the bitter story of a greedy man who meets something greedier than himself.

-A “Bright Star” shines in the night, before falling.

-A team of scientists attempt to awaken a sentient robot in “An Experiment with Sublimity.”

-What do you do when you’re required to live in a super-highrise of the future, and you happen to have a fear of clouds? Ask “Jo Nepho.”

-Perhaps the couple stayed too long. Long enough, at least, to be trapped in a “Fear Cage.”

-“Miss Fitzhue” is trapped inside a robot, and the robot consciousness coexisting with her is confused.

-A “Locust” plague is not as dangerous as a mother’s wrath.

Toccatas & Fugues: Stories So Far is available now: