The Five Watchers

The Five Watchers centers on events occurring in a secluded valley in north-central Pennsylvania called Shady Glen. The people who have lived in the valley over the centuries have unwittingly helped in the formation of a psychic entity, an amalgam of potent psychic residue and a number of remnant human consciousnesses of those who are connected with the area, immersed in evil thoughts, powerful enough to bend the will of the weak-minded, and strong enough to kill. After lying uninhabited for more than 30 years and largely faded from media notoriety, Shady Glen is chosen by a New York City-based TV production company for the latest episode of their new paranormal-focused reality TV series. In each show a group of five volunteer investigators and two psychics are brought together to investigate a haunted location. Over the course of a weekend, the investigators are filmed as they try to verify claims of paranormal activity in the chosen area. What the investigators and psychics don’t know is that the production company has secretly sent in a second crew to scare them. And what they are all about to find out is that the evil is real, and is awakening.

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“The story is very deep. It provides a history dating back a thousand years or more. A town that lives in respectful fear of the valley. A team of paranormal investigators that range from the real deal to simple actors. This is a story about an ancient evil that has grown and created despair. The paranormal investigation is only one part of the story. I enjoyed it.” -9 Levels, via Amazon

“I haven’t felt scared to go into a basement since I was twelve, decades and decades ago, and I read horror!” -Carolyn via Amazon

“Almost from page one I was freaked out, very pleasantly freaked out. This book takes scary onto a whole new level, into the realm of reality, and beyond what we can see, or understand.” -Lucy Pireel, via Amazon

“The author does a good job of creating a chilling atmosphere and keeping the reader in suspense. I recommend this book for readers interested in paranormal mysteries.” -Samuel Knapp, via Amazon

“Shades of Stephen King with a little Lovecraft flavoring.” –Pasture, via Amazon

“I had been waiting for something to totally freak me out, and this did it for sure. It’s ominous from the start, dark, and disturbing. I felt the weight of the mountains pressing down on me, the tightening in my chest, and blood banging through my head in anticipation.” -Belladoll, via Smashwords

“There was some gore, so if you’ve ever had nightmares about being alone in a slaughterhouse, you might want to have the lights on. This is one violent spirit in this story, and in my opinion, very well researched. This is a ghost hunt I could believe.” -StarDragon Publishing, via Smashwords

“This novel just made it to my Favorites shelf….seriously one of the scariest books I’ve ever read!” -Stacy, via Smashwords